Not sure when it’s going to wear off, but still appreciating the drive between post and home.

There were so many things to love about living in Pinehurst and North Carolina (and the kids will tell you what those are every day), but one thing that brings me much inner peace in Deutschland is a return to living in a place that has that Vermont beauty.  And Bayern (how the Deutsche refer to Bavaria) has it.

There is no less than ten spots along this road where I see the perfect photograph and to my mom’s chagrin, I wait for the perfect light and then try to capture that perfect photograph.  My mom would go nuts in Pinehurst when I would turnaround to take a photograph when she would winter with us in Pinehurst.

Seriously, for those Vermonters reading this blog right now; if I dropped this in front of you and asked where it was taken would you say the NEK?  Springfield?  Pawlet?

Quiet homebody.

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