27 OCTOBER 2019

So the children came back from school with their school photograph proofs earlier this year.  Julia loved them.  What we didn’t like was the price.  Crazy isn’t it?  I believe in compensating professional photographers for their work but $40 for a few wallet size hardly seems fair.  Especially when you have three children.  $120 for a few photos of the children in front of a green screen background?  Why?  Not when you live in one of the prettiest places in Europe.

So I made Julia a promise.

I promised to get the children dressed up in their traditional Bayern lederhosen and drindls.

I promised to take them out into the countryside to find great settings.

I promised to make it happen this autumn, so not another year would lapse without recording those images in a formal way.

And after two hours and 300 photographs, here are some of the results.

Quiet homebody.

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