Cross Country 2022

Day 0 ~ Monday ~ Fort Gregg-Adams

    How Many Miles Will We Log?

Day 0 because Jules said the trip shouldn’t start without us all together so rather than Day 1, we began on Day 0.

Technically, all five members of the family made the same journey on Day 0. We just made it in two separate groups separated by 12 hours with Jules departing from our new home at 0700 for one final night stay at Fort Gregg-Adams with the kids and I departing at 1900.

It’s funny to start a cross country trip and be preoccupied with the first two hours but there I was, preoccupied with the first two hours.

A severe storm cell was raging in the Richmond area and I decided to delay our trip to Fort Gregg-Adams to allow the storm to move further East.

Wise thing I did as the storm brought down a tree in the traveling lane on I-64 that was just being cleaned up as we passed.

Upon our arrival at Fort Gregg-Adams, we found HiComm, the worlds second largest Holiday Inn, exactly as we left it two years ago when we arrived from Deutschland. Parking lot overcrowded.HiComm Satellite Parking Lot

When you build a 1000 room hotel but only build parking for 500, problems will ensue. Just like two years ago, arriving after 2000 means you have a 20 minute walk from the overflow lot to your room. This ain’t no 1950s motel where you park in front of the door to your room.

Quiet homebody.

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