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    My Piece on Travel For The Army Wife Network

    There’s an old saying in real estate. Location, location, location. When you arrived at your current duty station, you and your spouse went house hunting to buy or rent and understood the importance of location. Location to schools, location to parks, and location to post. But for those of us with wanderlust, it’s also about location, location, location. Either we are reminiscing about the locations we have visited or planning for the locations yet to come. My colleague Tiffany is one of those infected with the travel bug but recently discussed living in the time of COVID-19 as an American in Italy unable to travel, let alone leave her apartment. It goes…

  • Germany


    I recall meeting a Canadian in the 20th century who mocked our currency.  It’s all two colors, there is no difference between the dollar amounts. I remember thinking at the time, at least our currency doesn’t look like it was designed by a preschool class. So here I am in Europe today.  Now I know we discussed currency in a previous post but it’s worth revisiting once again. Now why did they go and do that?  Why did they make the 100 Euro bill larger than the other bills?  See I use a Tiffany money clip (thank you Bart for your wedding party gift).  And when I lived in the…

  • Germany


    I recall reading somewhere about a spouse stationed in Deutschland who found herself back in America for a visit.  She was driving along the interstate and realized she was doing 100 m.p.h.  She was shocked because she wasn’t trying to speed. Before living here I wasn’t sure how someone could be shocked to find themselves driving at 100 m.p.h. and not know it.  I recall the first time I hit triple digits on Bolton Flats–where most Vermonters living in the Burlington area obtain this feat for the first time.  I certainly knew I was driving 100 m.p.h. But like so many other things in Deutschland, driving is just a completely…

  • Germany,  Hohenfels Day Trip


    Eva’s wearing the latest in our L.L. Bean Winter 2019 collection…just kidding.  Though she does look like a kiddo model in this photograph. I took this picture of Eva standing at the entrance to this alley as it was reminiscent of the many winding narrow allies across the Greek island of Mykonos–albeit much colder.  Venturing through Rothenburg you will see many beautiful main thoroughfares but also many charming side alleyways. Rothernburg is considered ‘touristy’ in Deutschland.  Which is funny because touristy in Deutschland is different than touristy in America.  In America I immediately think of South of the Border which borders the North and South Carolina border.  Gaudy, cheap, eyesore…

  • Germany


    How do you say November in Deutsche? November. So you never really understood what Jules does as a JAG?  Well, keep asking yourself every year or two because that’s how often it changes.  Here is what she’s currently doing. Spoiler alert, it will probably lead to more questions than questions answered. blob:https://www.dvidshub.net/a6896066-ce7e-493e-bf22-daa1b787e79e

  • Germany


    What a great house to celebrate the day of the dead.  Part of the charm of our 450 year old house is the traditional Bayern ceramic wood stove that usually straddles two rooms.  It’s angled, multi-layered, and perfect for hosting candles. I’m sure Luis, Kathy, Aboi, Muggs, Dad, Boone, Nanny, Grandpa Herb and Grandma enjoyed their trip across the bridge to our new home in Deutschland.

  • Germany


    Not sure when it’s going to wear off, but still appreciating the drive between post and home. There were so many things to love about living in Pinehurst and North Carolina (and the kids will tell you what those are every day), but one thing that brings me much inner peace in Deutschland is a return to living in a place that has that Vermont beauty.  And Bayern (how the Deutsche refer to Bavaria) has it. There is no less than ten spots along this road where I see the perfect photograph and to my mom’s chagrin, I wait for the perfect light and then try to capture that perfect…

  • Germany


    Spoiler Alert…..the Munich Oktoberfest takes place primarily in September.  So if you are planning to do Oktoberfest in Munich, keep that nugget in mind. The day before we went to Oktoberfest it was beautiful.  It was sunny and 75 degrees.  One of my friends messaged to say how ‘hot’ it was in the bier tents. The day we attended Oktoberfest it was not sunny and 75.  It was Blenheim New Zealand weather…rainy and miserable. Ahh, to put on those smiles after we had removed our jackets and got out from underneath the umbrella in order to take the classic Oktoberfest photograph. We had purchased tickets to the ‘Lowenbrau’ hall and…

  • Germany


    Prior to arriving in DE I had a system for rubbish in my car.  Upon arrival at my destination, I would remove any garbage that had accumulated during the errand and deposit at a receptacle where I exited my vehicle (I eschew trash bags in vehicles unless the road trip is longer than three hours in which case the offspring can generate enough rubbish to make the Indian from the 70s commercial cry again). The system does not work in Germany.  Running into the Netto or Rewe grocery store and want to throw some trash away?  Good  luck, no trash cans. On a military installation?  Sure, there’s a dumpster right…