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Thinking About Living Overseas?

Maybe you thought about living overseas before you had kids.

Maybe you thought about living overseas before you were married.

Maybe you thought about living overseas before you stopped dreaming.

What this piece is not about are those Facebook and Instagram posts you’ve seen from your friends stationed or living overseas where the entire family is standing in front of the Eiffel Tower or in the Neuschwanstein Castle upon which the Disney castle is modeled (see featured image). If living overseas was filled with those type of moments every second of every day, then who wouldn’t want to live overseas?

No, this piece is about the little adjustments we as Americans must make every day when living as expats (patriots living outside their native country). Keep reading to find out more about living overseas, but bear in mind this is not a hate piece about living overseas. I love living as an expat and wouldn’t trade this experience for myself and my children for anything. What this piece is really about are the cultural conveniences you leave on the shores of America when you move to another country.

As Paul Harvey used to say, for the ‘rest of the story’ click here.

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