Cross Country 2022

Day 1 ~ Tuesday ~ Huntsville Alabama

Jules Relinquishing Command of Juliet Company

Day 1.

On Day 1 I awoke as I frequently have over these past two years as a spouse to a company commander–too early.

I rolled over in bed at HiComm, children in another hotel room, only to see Jules in bed next to me, wide eyed and staring at me. Sheesh.

I ask, “What time is it?”. She responds, “ten of six”. It’s so early it takes me a second to recognize that time. It’s 5:50am!! There is a huge difference between 5 and 6 and I noticed how Jules subtlety inserted the six in there.

Dreaming of this day for so long both Jules and I had planned to leave post immediately after the change of command much as her predecessor had done.

Unfortunately it was not to be. Having arrived to post at 11pm the night before, we were forced to say our good byes on this day following the ceremony. There were the neighbors, the ladies at Hunt Housing,and of course a library book to return here, a visit to the exchange there.

Where we had hoped to begin our 10 hour journey to Huntsville, Alabama by 10am, we were now getting on the road at 1pm!

It was not until maybe 6pm before we exited Virginia down in the corner near Bristol, Tennessee. As we crossed the border Jules shook her fists in joy.

She truly felt free of the two year long 24/7 responsibility.

Pay It Forward At Burger King

Highlight of the trip other than being able to take back roads for 3 hours was Kristin who decided to not charge us for this frozen Fanta drink from Burger King just because.  We had only ordered it as an excuse for a bathroom break so this sweet gesture was especially appreciated.

We would arrive to cousin Dannah’s at 11pm Central time or midnight our time, looking forward to a visit with one of the most wonderful hosts you could imagine.

Quiet homebody.

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