In many ways moving to Europe is like moving back in time.

As in, ‘what are credit cards’?  As in, always hearing a jingling in your pocket as you walk down the street.  As in, always having to check your seat as you get up to pick up any and all coins you deposited due to shallow pockets.

These European Unionists LOVE their coins.  Like the greenback?  Forget it.  There is no Euro bill, just a Euro coin.  And a two Euro coin.  And think having pennies is good enough?  Not for Europeans.  They have a 2 cent coin.  I’m surprised they don’t have a 1/2 cent coin.

Every few days I have to remind myself to bring all my change in to the grocery store just so it doesn’t build up too much.   A handful of coins like this easily adds up to 10 Euro.

And for those wondering, Euro prices are simply US dollars plus 10% so it’s pretty easy to do the conversion.

And for those with further wonderment, Bayern is a relatively inexpensive place to live.  I’d classify it as somewhere between the Northeastern United States and North Carolina.

Quiet homebody.

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