Cross Country 2022

Day 2 ~ Wednesday ~ Rocket City Alabama

Day 2.

An opportunity NOT to drive (long distances).

Unfortunately NOT an opportunity to sleep in as our thoughtful host and family member Dannah had bought tickets to the US Spaces and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

If we weren’t able to sleep in, this would be a good reason.

The Rocket Center has multiple buildings, historical artifacts, amusement rides such as experiencing 3Gs of force, and numerous interactive displays.

The building housing an actual Saturn V was enormous and after an hour I realized I was no more than 5% into the displays and my family was nowhere to be seen.

Acadia congratulating Hunter after a successful mission.

At that point all hope was lost and I realized I would need three days to read and experience everything this center has to offer.

For parents out there, this is where the famous Space Camp happens. A week long residential camp for children that sells out immediately each year and focuses on STEM.

The only rough part of our rocket visit was examining the outdoor exhibits as Huntsville was in a heat wave and the heat index was well over 100.

We ended our visit to head back to cousin Dannah’s house as her brother Danny and his family were coming over for dinner.

Best part of the visit was spending time with Dannah.

Always good catching up with family that live distantly. Once family left Jules drifted off to bed first, then me, Hunter, Eva, and finally Acadia in that order.

We learned the next day cousin Dannah finally had to tell 10 year old Acadia at 1230am that she, Dannah, needed to go to sleep and could no longer talk genealogy.

Quiet homebody.

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