28 OCTOBER 2019

Okay.  A lot going on in this photograph.

The original purpose was to capture my method for softening butter for baking.  I place it in a bowl and then lay the bowl on the one floor in our home with radiant heat.  Actually works pretty well.

But the photograph also does a good job of capturing our inner courtyard.  The courtyard is great when it’s warm because it’s one of the few outdoor places in Deutschland where the bees don’t bother you.

Finally, you’ll notice the flags hanging from the rafters.  Hunter’s disappointed that we do not have the Vermont, North Carolina, and Bayern flags but that’s only because it’s actually tough finding high quality flags for those states.  If they aren’t high quality, they don’t hang.

I also imagine this to be the spot Abu will spend reading when he visits.

Quiet homebody.

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