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The Never-ending War

Every two or three years a battle happens for military families who are PCSing.

That battlefield is your home, and the casualties are not only your possessions, but your sense of calm, serenity, and sense of right and wrong.

I’m talking about moving.

Some battles are so epic, it spawns a Facebook group with thousands of members consisting of military families that have faced moving horror stories. They turn to this group not only for retribution solutions, but also to simply share their grief, anger, and bewilderment.

In my short military life, we have only “suffered” two moves; however, if there is one common discussion you will have with friends you make or colleagues your spouse works with at your new duty station, it will be about the troubles both they and you suffered during the most recent move, as well as previous moves.

These discussions are fruitful for learning tips and tricks to make your next move go better. And like most things in life, what doesn’t get better with practice? Unfortunately in this case, you are practicing with all your possessions, including irreplaceable family heirlooms!

….you can find the rest of the story here.

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