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But Do They Appreciate All They Have?

If the title of this piece caught your eye, a number of things could have crossed your mind. Because you are most likely part of the military family, you may have thought it referred to civilians whose spouses are not at risk of dismemberment and death on their “work trips.” Or perhaps you thought it referred to other military spouses whose active duty member hasn’t deployed seven times in the last ten years.

No, I’m referring to the children many of us are raising today.

Like many Americans I cannot get enough of Stephen E. Ambrose’s Band of Brothers. He perfectly captures what Tom Brokaw coined “The Greatest Generation.” Following World War II, these giants of American history returned home to build the greatest nation the Earth has known. Because they fought through so many unfathomable horrors next to so many brothers who died on foreign soil, they may have been the first generation, and only generation, in history who could not be told by their parents that life was harder for the parents. America was fortunate they came home to remake our country in their image.

You can find the rest of this piece here at the Army Wife Network.

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