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Naab River Rope Swing

If you’re old enough you remember those Mountain Dew commercials where the 20 somethings swig their Mountain Dew while swinging into a body of water on a hot summer day, you’ll appreciate this swimming spot on the Naab River.

Turn Left Across The Bridge

For those not familiar with the Naab, some days it’s warm, some days it’s chilly, and some days its off the coast of Maine chilly.  Your best bet is to make sure it’s sunny and hot and if it’s one of those days where the water is Maine cold, well at least it will be refresing.

The drive from Hohenfels to Duggendorf is approximately 25 minutes and the town is just below Kallmunz.  If you are coming from the Velburg, Lupburg, Parsberg triangle it will take you approximately 25 minutes as well via the A3 using the Beratzhausen exit.

As you enter the town coming from the North you will see a bridge on your left spanning the Naab River.  Turn left and cross the bridge.  Almost immediately after exiting the bridge you will turn right into a grass parking lot.  In the two pictures below you can see the grass parking lot as well as the sign identifying the turn into the parking lot.

From there it’s just a short walk along a paved road primarily used by bicyclists to the beach area which will take no more than five minutes.

Final Stretch To The Beach

This swimming spot has two picnic tables, a sandy beach, as well as the rope swing.  On weekend days you will also find many canoeists coming ashore to take a lunch break.

Parking is free and there is no charge to access this water spot.  Click here to set your GPS.

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