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There I was in the summer of 2021.  Having a casual conversation with my friend Chris when he subtly raised the issue of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  NFTs are similar to their sibling, crypto currency, in that they are a unit of data stored on a blockchain.  If this last sentence sounds like Greek, than you know what I felt when listening to Chris that summer afternoon.

First ever NFT of Tom Brady –and it’s not as a New England Patriot

But there were more conversations and each time I learned a little bit more.  Chris would usually end the conversation by saying, ‘when you’re ready we will talk about X, Y, and Z’.  And when I understood enough that I was ready to tackle X, Y, and Z, there was yet another X, Y, and Z beyond that one.

But how did Chris teach me about the blockchain?  Well mostly by having me do.  This subject matter is complicated and the easiest way is to learn.  Dive in head first on some low cost or no cost opportunities and it will become easier.

First up is an opportunity with Blokpax. 

Why?  Because yes, you can actually get something for nothing.  

First, create a Metamask wallet here.  Second, create a Blokpax account here and connect your Metamask wallet to your Blokpax account.  Finally, create an Opensea account here.

Do this all by 1 January 2022 and you will be given razz tokens at no cost.  Razz tokens are essentially NFT lottery tickets.  Hold the right razz token and you can win a real life collectible.  And if you don’t win the actual collectible, you can sell your razz (lottery) token along the way depending how long your lottery ticket lasts.

For example, I was offered $267 for one of my razz tokens that cost me nothing when I was one of four still alive for a Tom Brady Michigan trading card valued at $2,300.  I did not accept the $267 and lost in the next Thanos snap that erased half the razz tokens.  But that’s okay!  Because there is always another opportunity around the corner in the Wild West of NFTs on the blockchain.

Blokpax is taking newly established NFT norms and already pushing functionality into ways not executed yet, truly groundbreaking.  Probably what intrigues me most about Blokpax is one of their business strategies in which real world assets are represented by NFTs.  You purchase an NFT that represents fractional ownership in a real asset such as a Michael Jordan playing card worth thousands that’s kept in the company’s vault and is insured and bonded. 

There’s more to fractional ownership as well as Blokpax itself but if I explained the entire thing to you, you may get either bored or confused or both.  Conversely you may be intrigued and want to know more.  

Regardless, just do.

Remember how I said it was okay I didn’t accept the $267 offer on my Tom Brady razz token because there are other opportunities?

Well take Panini. 

I hold several of the first ever issued NFT’s of Tom Brady.  Spoiler alert, he wears a Tampa Bay Buc’s uniform.  They were issued by Panini here.  And because I bought this Tom Brady NFT for $10 at Panini (or anything on their site for that matter), Panini gifted me this $25 pack for Christmas just for being a customer.  I have yet to open that pack but it’s possible that pack will be worth well more than the $267 I turned down for my Blokpax razz token.  We will see.

$25 NFT Gifted At Christmas That Could Be Worth Thousands.

You can be involved in NFTs and crypto without investing thousands in Bitcoin.  It can be no cost or low cost.

Start now.  Start with Metamask, Blokpax, and Opensea above.

But what if you can’t start.  Because a stranger in a blogpost is asking you to click on links that may be unsafe.

I not only understand that feeling, I have the feeling still today.  I actually set up a bank account specifically so I can transfer funds back and forth to NFT and crypto projects.  I did not want a direct link between my bank account that holds my life savings and the various crypto and NFT websites that require you to transfer funds in and/or out.  

It’s natural we have his feeling.  

You may also wonder why am I writing this article and why did a group of five friends get together with the goal of educating others about NFTs and crypto?  Because each of us understood from the beginning that NFTs and crypto was something none of us could fully understand on our own.  We simply didn’t have the bandwidth.  We would share information, theories, and strategies via text, email, and phone calls.  Soon it became a bit much and we moved our conversation to Discord where not only could our thoughts be organized by category, but others could benefit from the knowledge we had in overcoming barriers in this Wild West.

The good news is you are still one of the early adapters to crypto and NFTs which means there is money to made.  The bad news is it truly is like the Wild West where government regulators are far, far behind the curve on protecting individuals like you and me.

Rule number one in the blockchain Wild West–always do your due diligence.  No government entity is going to protect you the way you need to be protected.

I’ve included helpful links in this article to make it easier for you to start your NFT/crypto journey but if you prefer not to click on the links, google Metamask, Blokpax, and Opensea.  You will find them to be reputable in the blockchain world.  Use this independent research to find their registration pages and register before this opportunity is lost.

Ready to take the plunge?  Join our discord here and ask every question you have and we will help you as well as tell you about the next no cost or low cost NFT/crypto opportunity.  Brought to you by the same people that have brought you over 20 years of 99.9% positive feedback at The NFT Store by Hawkewind on eBay, and counting.

This post is written by one of the five founding members of NFTs And More.  NFTs And More believes NFTs and crypto should be accessible to all people, that we can communicate these opportunities to the people best, and that we are the best resource for beginners and experienced blockchain investors alike.

Quiet homebody.

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