MUNICH FLUGHAFEN – Flying in Style

Talk about history repeating itself.

I am grateful for the childhood my mother and father provided.  It is that childhood of cartrips, trans-Pacific flights, planned and spontaneous trip taking that fostered a curiosity I have never been able to cure.  I love new cities, new states, new countries, new lakes, new oceans, new cultures, new people, new restaurants, new beaches, new adventures, new sunsets, new waterfalls, new hiking, new vistas, new things to learn!

And as part of that childhood traveling I was exposed to a world of luxury well above what my middle class upbringing could afford–courtesy of travel perks.

As an expediter for General Electric my father traveled weekly, sometimes by car and other times by airplane.  During those periods of time away from the family he would accrue hotel points, car points, and airline points.  Enough airline points that he and my mother traveled to Hawaii nearly ten times and brought three kids along twice.  Not only did we travel but we traveled in style staying in beautiful hotels and renting luxury vehicles (sidenote: although the kids never flew first class to Hawaii my parents did so each time remarking that they simply wouldn’t go if it had to be coach because the flight was simply too long!).

Well history is now repeating itself.  As a member of the military, Jules is entitled to five AMEX platinum cards for no annual fees.  At $500 a car, that’s a $2,500 benefit from AMEX.

Thank you AMEX for being a supporter of the military.

The best benefit we have discovered thus far is access to the Centurion Lounges at various airports as well as general airport executive lounges via the Priority Passport.

This access entitles the adults to wine, beer, and top shelf liquor.  It entitles all of us to downright gourmet food at some lounges as well as much needed quiet seating in some cases.

We were fortunate on this trip to enjoy Executive Lounges at both Munich Airport on our outbound flight as well as in Dublin at the start of our return trip to Deutschland.

Quiet homebody.

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