I recall meeting a Canadian in the 20th century who mocked our currency.  It’s all two colors, there is no difference between the dollar amounts. I remember thinking at the time, at least our currency doesn’t look like it was designed by a preschool class.

So here I am in Europe today.  Now I know we discussed currency in a previous post but it’s worth revisiting once again.

Now why did they go and do that?  Why did they make the 100 Euro bill larger than the other bills?  See I use a Tiffany money clip (thank you Bart for your wedding party gift).  And when I lived in the states I always put the higher denomination under the lower denomination.  Why advertise to thieves that I’m bankrolling C notes?

But in Europe you have no choice!  The stinking C note is larger than the little bills and sticks out farther than the little bills!  So it looks like I’m hiding it in my billfold while clearly not.

Quiet homebody.

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