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My Piece on Travel For The Army Wife Network

There’s an old saying in real estate. Location, location, location.

When you arrived at your current duty station, you and your spouse went house hunting to buy or rent and understood the importance of location. Location to schools, location to parks, and location to post.

But for those of us with wanderlust, it’s also about location, location, location. Either we are reminiscing about the locations we have visited or planning for the locations yet to come. My colleague Tiffany is one of those infected with the travel bug but recently discussed living in the time of COVID-19 as an American in Italy unable to travel, let alone leave her apartment.

It goes without saying, for myself as well as all those mentioned in this post, that leisure travel is insignificant to the lives lost and suffering that currently exists due to COVID-19. However, we must continue to pursue and explore passions that make life worth living for each of us. Please note this as you continue to read my latest piece at Army Wife Network here.

Quiet homebody.

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