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Fall Festival at Richlands Dairy Farm

Forty-two minutes.

Far enough away to feel you are leaving Fort Lee behind and getting out in the country but close enough you wont think twice about loading the kids in the car.  So why not head out to the last Fall Festival weekend at Richlands Dairy Farm in Blackstone, Virginia?

Most of us first learned about Richlands in summer 2021 when a video of one of the owners went viral on social media.  The farm and associated businesses are owned and run by a brother and his wife, a sister and their parents.  The brother spoke in the video of possibly losing their homes or farm due to the expansion they undertook just before COVID overwhelmed small and large businesses alike across America.

Many of us visited the farm to enjoy their ice cream (and I’m a former tour guide at the Ben & Jerry’s factory so I know a little bit about ice cream) and support their family farm.  Well today they are are doing much better and it’s time to re-visit the farm or visit for the first time and enjoy their final weekend of Fall Festival.

The weather will be perfectly Autumnal–sunny and 60s.

So what can you do at their Fall Festival?

Well how about a corn maze, hayrides, a petting zoo, walking tours of the farm, and a pick your own pumpkin patch–yes, they still have some left!

In addition to traditional Fall Festival activities they will have live music.  Ben Dalton will be performing live on Saturday from 11-1400 and Troy Breslow from 12-1500 on Sunday.

Not only will delicious meal offerings be available inside the Creamery, but outside as well.  Everyone loves food trucks and on Saturday you can try Hiz & Herz Queing and more, and come back on Sunday and try Archers’s BBQ.

And to top it off, all children dressed in costume on either weekend day can take away a free pumpkin provided they can carry it to the car on their own!  Who says you can’t get something for nothing?!

If you are looking for a way to get that Trick or Treating energy out of the kids before Sunday night, take them to Richlands which was designed with families in mind.


You can find Richlands Dairy Farm here.  Please note they provide a military discount on purchases of their ice cream–thank you!

Quiet homebody.

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