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Etterzhausen On The Naab

Just down the road from Kallmunz and before you get to Nittendorf is a swimming spot located in Etterzhausen on the Naab River.

Two docks, Volleyball Net, & Sometimes an Ice Cream Truck

For those not familiar with the Naab, some days it’s warm, some days it’s chilly, and some days its off the coast of Maine chilly. I still haven’t figured out the cause for this variance. Back in New England you may find the swimming waters slightly cooler following a rainstorm. The rain would elevate the water levels and cause more movement (think rushing brooks) which would allow less time for the water to pool and heat on sun drenched afternoons.

The Secret Way

We had passed this swimming spot numerous times on our way to Regensburg and the Nittendorf Rewe before I could figure out the entrance. I had even left the main road once in an attempt to reach this seemingly Valhallah of swimming spots only to find myself on the opposite side of the river staring across at the destination I was seeking.

The riddle was finally unlocked when driving down the road one day we noticed a vehicle turn off into what seemed like a field. Turns out there was a dirt road that had gone unnoticed before. That is one option for visiting this swimming spot and you can find the entrance here.  The road will turn slightly and descend to a lower field.  Eventually you come to a T although the path to the right is much more worn.  You will want to turn right and follow the path until you get close to the swimmers.  If you see them on your left, just put your vehicle in reverse for about twenty field and park in the field on the left you just passed.

The other option is to enter through the village of Etterzhausen by turning off the main road AWAY from the Naab. It’s counter intuitive but it gets you there. You will end up in this parking area and can follow your GPS here .  The parking lot will look like the picture below.

Main Parking Area

From this parking lot it’s just a short three minute walk to the ‘beach’ along the path you see below. 

There is no charge for parking or entry to the swimming area.  Have fun and let me know what you liked best about this swimming hole!


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