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Choosing Battle Lines

Have you felt as if battle lines were drawn on the virtual learning front with your children over the past year?  I have some thoughts on that, but first, how I got there.

Having left Facebook several years ago due to the incivility that was present (how tame those days were), I eventually found my way back to the social media platform. It wasn’t due to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  It wasn’t because I regretted my decision. Hardly.

No, it was because the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, gymnastics, and a host of youth sports teams only communicated to families through Facebook.

Technically, I didn’t have to rejoin Facebook. It would just mean I would have no idea when youth activities were canceled or if times or locations were altered. Sure, that would work with three active children.

In my return to Facebook, I used a fictitious name so I would not pop up as a “suggested friend” to friends and family on Facebook. I did not want to get caught back up in the time suck that is social media. Finding myself streaming through a feed for what would start as a casual glance and turn into thirty minutes because their algorithms are so dang addictive.

No, this time I would limit the amount of time on Facebook to just necessary reading for youth activities.

Then came my wife’s PCS from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to Bavaria, Germany.

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Quiet homebody.

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