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Finding the American Pioneering Spirit

If you are looking for the American pioneering spirit, you can find it all around you as a military spouse.

During a recent luncheon with my community and spouses’ club, I had the pleasure of meeting two new Army spouses. These two ladies were a perfect blend of similar and differing Army experiences. Martha was at her second duty station, like myself, and Amanda had moved many times.

All three of us have children, and the discussion turned to the unique experiences our children have while one or both of their parents serve in the Armed Forces. Amanda is currently homeschooling her children because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, she was discussing a book with her 6 year old that covered amazing places across the globe, including the Eiffel Tower and the Roman Colosseum. Amanda was explaining to her child that most people will never visit these locations in their entire life, and that at 6 years old, this child has already been there. I shared this previous post with both spouses, which questions whether my children appreciate all they have.

As our discussion drifted to other topics, Amanda shared that she is from Wisconsin and how her husband joked that her family could do a two-hour recall for the entire extended family. Apparently, Amanda is the only member of the family that has escaped the two-hour radius within which they all live.

This got me thinking about something that has occupied my mind since my father’s death in 2013, the disappearing pioneering spirit of our country.

Want to know what else I was thinking?  Read the rest of the story at here!

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