Cross Country 2022

Day 5 ~ Saturday ~ Weatherford, Texas

Day 5, life on the farm.

No expectations for the day other than spending time on the farm with friends and relaxing. And that’s exactly what we got.

Acadia’s favorite things were swimming and fishing in the pond though if pressed I imagine she would also agree that driving a golf cart on a closed highway that was soon to be opened to the public was also on her list.

The day itself was beautiful by Texas summer standards. Overcast and gray with a breeze and low 80s. The delight on our hosts’ faces as they enjoyed the day was noticeable. Things like that always stand out to me as a Vermonter. Sunny warm days, even in summer are so rarely strung together in Vermont that we would never ‘hope’ for an overcast cooler day in summer.

I’m reminded of my friend Colin who moved from Vermont to Arizona and when he would return to Vermont for summer trips, he would be excited if for the entire duration of his visit, the forecast called for cloud and rain. As he explained, when all you see is sun and heat, a little coolness and rain is welcome, even if it comes every day with no break.

Jud has done an incredible job landscaping the farm.

Exploring the farm, harvesting the bountiful produce from their garden, exploring the two treehouses, including the pirate ship, learning about the changing dynamic of the neighborhood and the suburbanization were all part of the relaxing day.

The pirate ship!

Toward the end, Jud took Hunter, Hazel, and myself to a floating boardwalk over Lake Weatherford concluding with a drive around the lake with personal history narrated by Jud.

Jud, Hazel, Hunter exploring the boardwalk among lily pads.

It was an amazingly fun filled relaxing day with friends.

TOTAL FRIENDS SEEN: Lauren, Emily, Jill, Jud, Hazel, Kate, Mike

Quiet homebody.

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  • Grandma

    I can relate to the Texans. I remember Felipe and I like to go to an air conditioned movie when we lived in Acapulco and see cloudy foggy movie scens. Also I like to drink hot coffee in the air conditione restaurant. We did’t have air conditioning but then we only had screened windows in the bedroom so it was very open to the evening breeze.

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