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    Malta–our Florida

    WORST CAR RENTAL EXPERIENCE EVER  When I was in my twenties I traveled months every year for the Close Up Foundation using rental cars, hotels, and planes.  When I was in my thirties I traveled months every year for Associated Builders and Contractors  using rental cars, hotels, and planes.  And when I was in my forties I traveled months every year for General Dynamics using rental cars, hotels, and planes.  In all those years, I never had a worse car rental experience. Our RyanAir flight from Nuremberg arrived in Malta on schedule at 10pm.  The airport is equivalent to a small to mid-sized American airport. We left the Hertz car…

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    Eleven Equals Ireland

    Our trip to Ireland corresponded with Hunter’s eleventh birthday and Jules and I allowed him to plan much of the agenda.  Unfortunately Ireland in February is low season and most tourist attractions close early and some even close for the winter months.  This helped slim down the agenda somewhat but still forced Hunter to make choices. The 150 minute flight from Munich to Dublin touched down at approximately 1430 leaving just 1.5 hours to visit highlights in Dublin as most places close at 1700 during the winter months (accounting for the commute to town). DRIVING ON THE LEFT  This also included the time required to drive into Dublin.  Now I…

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    A Roman Birthday

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    Not sure when it’s going to wear off, but still appreciating the drive between post and home. There were so many things to love about living in Pinehurst and North Carolina (and the kids will tell you what those are every day), but one thing that brings me much inner peace in Deutschland is a return to living in a place that has that Vermont beauty.  And Bayern (how the Deutsche refer to Bavaria) has it. There is no less than ten spots along this road where I see the perfect photograph and to my mom’s chagrin, I wait for the perfect light and then try to capture that perfect…

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    The Autobahn whispers to you, ‘drive me’. The Toyota Sienna whispers back, ‘okay, but not too fast’. So one of the perks of being a United States military family who has a permanent change of station from the United States to Deutschland is they pay to ship one vehicle to your new duty station.  One of the disadvantages of being a United States military family who has a permanent change of station from the United States to Deutschland is they do not pay to ship your second vehicle to your new duty station.  #FirstWorldProblems Side note.  I heard someone complaining the other day they weren’t made of money.  So much…

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    MUNICH FLUGHAFEN – Flying in Style

    Talk about history repeating itself. I am grateful for the childhood my mother and father provided.  It is that childhood of cartrips, trans-Pacific flights, planned and spontaneous trip taking that fostered a curiosity I have never been able to cure.  I love new cities, new states, new countries, new lakes, new oceans, new cultures, new people, new restaurants, new beaches, new adventures, new sunsets, new waterfalls, new hiking, new vistas, new things to learn! And as part of that childhood traveling I was exposed to a world of luxury well above what my middle class upbringing could afford–courtesy of travel perks. As an expediter for General Electric my father traveled…