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    Naab River Rope Swing

    If you’re old enough you remember those Mountain Dew commercials where the 20 somethings swig their Mountain Dew while swinging into a body of water on a hot summer day, you’ll appreciate this swimming spot on the Naab River. For those not familiar with the Naab, some days it’s warm, some days it’s chilly, and some days its off the coast of Maine chilly.  Your best bet is to make sure it’s sunny and hot and if it’s one of those days where the water is Maine cold, well at least it will be refresing. The drive from Hohenfels to Duggendorf is approximately 25 minutes and the town is just…

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    Etterzhausen On The Naab

    Just down the road from Kallmunz and before you get to Nittendorf is a swimming spot located in Etterzhausen on the Naab River. For those not familiar with the Naab, some days it’s warm, some days it’s chilly, and some days its off the coast of Maine chilly. I still haven’t figured out the cause for this variance. Back in New England you may find the swimming waters slightly cooler following a rainstorm. The rain would elevate the water levels and cause more movement (think rushing brooks) which would allow less time for the water to pool and heat on sun drenched afternoons. We had passed this swimming spot numerous…

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    Being a kid from Vermont I seek the water.  I grew up swimming in lakes, ponds, swimming holes, brooks, rivers, streams, gorges, and quarries. Here in Hohenfels I’m looking for those same water opportunities for my children. That’s why on a sunny day with temperatures in the 80s, Hunter (11), Eva (9), and Acadia (7) and I jumped in the car for the 80 minute drive to Rothsee.  Had we taken the Autobahn the drive would have been 60 minutes but what’s the point of racing to a place where you are trying to relax?  Why not take the backroads?  Indeed.  And the drive was beautiful. Just before arriving at…

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    Kallmunz Castle Ruins

    In anticipation of moving to Germany I scoured the internet for tips on how best to prepare for the move from one culture to another.  Among the internet resources I found was a military spouse blog that used a featured image that became lodged in my head.  Living in America at the time, it looked like a German fairytale.  There was a seemingly medieval bridge in the center of town, castle ruins high above the town, and charming structures dotted throughout the town.  I would revisit that blog after living in Germany in a hotel 25 minutes away only to realize that village was Kallmunz.  I have hiked the Kallmunz…

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    Castle Brunneck

    The beauty of living in Hohenfels Germany is the ability to daytrip to a magical location or locations and sleep in your own bed at night. Our day started with a wakeup at 0800 for the children (Hunter age 11, Eva age 9, Acadia age 7) and a departure time of 0830.  Departing thirty minutes after wake up was only possible with a quick stop at the Rewe in Hemau to grab fresh pastries and bread.  Jules and I appreciate living in Germany where you can stop in any town and and find a great bakery. In America, we don’t think twice about traveling 3-5 hours to visit children or…

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    Castle Bechthal

    Just a short 17 minute drive from Burgruine Brunneck in Bavaria Germany are the ruins of a 13th century Irish castle.  Well not exactly but this is the most Irish looking castle we have seen during our one year of living in Deutschland. This was the second leg of our three castle day trip and had we driven straight from Hohenfels, the journey would have been 70 minutes one way.  The drive is beautiful and will feel less than one hour. The quickest route through Google led us down extremely narrow roads which I enjoy so that was a bonus.  The approach to Bechthal is unlike any other castle ruin. …

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    Hohenfels Castle Ruins

    Located in a small historic village in Germany….okay, wait…all villages in Germany are small and historic….lies a castle ruin set upon a rock rising high above the town below. The town I speak of is…..Hohenfels.  Which translated to English literally means high (hohen) rock (fels).  Bet you didn’t know that.  And if you are stationed in Hohenfels chances are you have never visited the Hohenfels castle ruins. Just prior to writing this piece, I tried unsuccessfully to convince two friends who were PCSing back to America to join me on the hike to the ruins.  I knew they had not visited the historical site so I begged them to join…

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    My Piece on Travel For The Army Wife Network

    There’s an old saying in real estate. Location, location, location. When you arrived at your current duty station, you and your spouse went house hunting to buy or rent and understood the importance of location. Location to schools, location to parks, and location to post. But for those of us with wanderlust, it’s also about location, location, location. Either we are reminiscing about the locations we have visited or planning for the locations yet to come. My colleague Tiffany is one of those infected with the travel bug but recently discussed living in the time of COVID-19 as an American in Italy unable to travel, let alone leave her apartment. It goes…

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    One of the options we were given for housing when we arrived in Deutschland was the standard government owned off post multi-story design house with the spiral child wiping out staircase. On the face of it, it’s kind of blah, like many of the features in the home.  But like so many things in life–and life itself–it’s what you do with it that matters most. While enjoying a post-Christmas Christmas party at a friends house I spied this nugget looking up her staircase. Oh, I was in the stairwell after having just comforted Eva from wiping out on the stairs.  Kids love to walk down the inside of the spiral…

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    Though I was not there when the United States Government delivered our United States Government owned washer and dryer–on loan for the next three years–I do know Jules asked if they could be stacked. Sure they said. But what they did not do was attach a bracket between the machines ‘cementing’ the stacking. The result is exactly what you see.  I just pray I don’t have a full ‘tumble dry’ that leaves a dent, or even a hole in my bathroom floor.