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    31 OCTOBER 2019 Talk to one German neighbor and they tell you, ‘of course we celebrate Halloween’. Talk to the next German neighbor and they tell you they do not celebrate the ‘American’ holiday. Who knows.  What I do know is our Deutsche neighbors enjoyed the spider and web we placed on the side of our house, the skeleton holding his head on our front door, and of course the jack-o-lanterns in the window next to our wood pile. We ended up trick or treating with friends on an American street in a nearby village to ensure the kids were able to celebrate Halloween American style but the next day…

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    2 OKTOBER 2019 Spoiler Alert…..the Munich Oktoberfest takes place primarily in September.  So if you are planning to do Oktoberfest in Munich, keep that nugget in mind. The day before we went to Oktoberfest it was beautiful.  It was sunny and 75 degrees.  One of my friends messaged to say how ‘hot’ it was in the bier tents. The day we attended Oktoberfest it was not sunny and 75.  It was Blenheim New Zealand weather…rainy and miserable. Ahh, to put on those smiles after we had removed our jackets and got out from underneath the umbrella in order to take the classic Oktoberfest photograph. We had purchased tickets to the…

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    6 NOVEMBER 2019 How do you say November in Deutsche? November. So you never really understood what Jules does as a JAG?  Well, keep asking yourself every year or two because that’s how often it changes.  Here is what she’s currently doing. Spoiler alert, it will probably lead to more questions than questions answered. blob:https://www.dvidshub.net/a6896066-ce7e-493e-bf22-daa1b787e79e

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    9 NOVEMBER 2019 I recall reading somewhere about a spouse stationed in Deutschland who found herself back in America for a visit.  She was driving along the interstate and realized she was doing 100 m.p.h.  She was shocked because she wasn’t trying to speed. Before living here I wasn’t sure how someone could be shocked to find themselves driving at 100 m.p.h. and not know it.  I recall the first time I hit triple digits on Bolton Flats–where most Vermonters living in the Burlington area obtain this feat for the first time.  I certainly knew I was driving 100 m.p.h. But like so many other things in Deutschland, driving is…

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    9 NOVEMBER 2019 Our Night Watchman for the evening.  Tours are offered daily at 8pm March through New Years Eve and weekly on Saturdays the remaining months.  Adults are 8 Euro each, children 11 and under are free, and those in betweeners are 4 Euro each. More information about the tour can be found here. Those moments when you are torn between taking the shot and being next to your child to ensure their safety. Rothenburg, again, a very accessible historic city that not only allows you to look at the historical aspects, but touch, climb, and explore those historical aspects. Not really a sculpture guy but I was drawn…

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    31 AUGUST 2019 Towards the end of my college days I spent a summer working the Alpine Slide at the Stowe Mountain Resort.  It had all the makings of a cheesy 1980s movie.  Outdoors, summer job, young people, drinking, parties, new people coming and going each week or day (the tourists). The Stowe track was concrete and the carriers were on wheels that could, could, leave the track if you took a curve fast enough.  And what a great way to end your workday (if you were working the top).  You’d hop on a ‘sled’ and ride the track down to your car! Well over Labor Day weekend we stayed…

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    20 NOVEMBER 2019 Though I was not there when the United States Government delivered our United States Government owned washer and dryer–on loan for the next three years–I do know Jules asked if they could be stacked. Sure they said. But what they did not do was attach a bracket between the machines ‘cementing’ the stacking. The result is exactly what you see.  I just pray I don’t have a full ‘tumble dry’ that leaves a dent, or even a hole in my bathroom floor.

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    While standing with my wife in a social military setting the question is inevitably asked: “So how long have you served?” When my response is, “she has served since 2016,” with the emphasis on “she,” you can see the confusion on their face as they try to process what I have just stated. To read the rest, visit Army Wife Network here.